Within the small world of ghouls, eventually some will begin to group up under a common set of goals or ideals that bond them together (I.E Aogiri Tree, or Anteiku). These types of organizations each have their own purpose to its members, and often they help promote a sort of comradery to those within it making conditions more ideal for ghouls. These organizations are entirely optional by nature, with ghouls having freedom of choice (unless otherwise made to do so in RP). Many types of situations will arise with organizations, like those of a simply congregation of ghouls and others who are almost like terrorists in nature (Aogiri Tree).

There is nothing that witholds someone from starting an organization, of course there are certain prerequisites that must be met in order to officially qualify as an official organization.

  • An organization must start with at least 5 members.
  • An organization must have a base of operations.
  • An organization must have an OOC leader in order to represent it.

These qualities above are required in order to make an official organization, afterward you would need a mod or an admin to officially set up the group's page, room; etc. From there, 

Please bear in mind, if interested, the reason why nothing has been mentioned on true benefits of being in a group is their given flexibility and benefits promised by the owner of an organization which grants what is good or bad of them. In example, if you wanted to be in a protective organization you  could go to so-and-so and expect a mutual group of ghouls who protect one another from cannibals or even the CCG. The design of an organization is near endless, the protection ideal just brough up is one of just a myriad of others.

Current OrganizationsEdit

(Coming soon.)