Welcome to London Ghoul

Welcome to London Ghoul, a roleplay based on Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul. This roleplay was created by Dakotti. This roleplay has a number of distinguishing features including various systems to create a more vivid and enchanting experience of the torn world between the CCG and ghouls themselves. The most notable change, of course, is the history of the world itself; while this group may lead parallel in regards to the origins that led up to this point there are still key differences that set it apart.

In example, there are no distinguished characters from the canon that exist here. This means even if you went to Tokyo there wouldn't be a Dr. Kanou, Yoshimura, Ken Kaneki; etc. These characters simply do not exist here and do not serve as a focus point for the RP that is instead for you and the rest of the community to carve out for yourself. Your identities, your infamy, and more as you strike out on your own journey.

Important Pages
While role-playing in London Ghoul, you are expected to follow a simple code of conduct for both IC and OOC matters. Below, you will find pages pertaining to exactly that and more pages which will help guide you through making a bio on here.