In every group, be it big or small; even for a simple roleplay group like our own: There are rules that must be upheld. These are needed to help maintain balance and order in the group, with conflict in character naturally ooc conflict will arise at some point or another. This page fills this purpose, serving as the rules and guidelines by which every member should follow when roleplaying in this group.


The following are the quintessential rules of all RP and some amendments that help the RP stand out against others. In a sense, it is loosely based on T-1 RP but not nearly as strict (at least in regard of traditional medieval fantasy T-1) with the aforementioned additions based on the admin's own perspective.

  1. No autohitting.[1]
  2. No godmodding.
  3. No metagaming.
  4. No drama.
  5. You may not start with anything you haven't earned. In example, say you start off as CCG or something of that ilk. Unless there were reasons made beforehand by an admin, you couldn't start your character off filthy rich or have obtained extraordinary items (SSS quinque, RC gas, arata; etc.) that you shouldn't have. These material things need to be earned through RP for your character to enjoy such luxuries.
  6. There are no zones of RP. I, personally, do not agree with the idea of zones such as NKZ (no kill zone) and so on. Anything and everything can happen in RP, of course with each and every action your character makes in this world it will come with a consequence.
  7. Be concise and poised with your posts in RP. Because of the aforementioned rule and the very real possibility of death should the story be severe enough or someone should take it into their own hands, fighting no matter at what level should always be taken seriously to help sharpen your mind in and out of character. You never know when you'll need to put your skills to use in a world so cruel as a ghoul's.

Everyone make mistakes, it's only in our nature as humans; it is also what helps makes us better people in many regards. These mistakes can happen at anytime in character, depending upon the situation it can either be a forgivable moment to correct and move on or a permanent stain that will spell out the end of your character's life. Outside of serious battles and high-risk stories, it is usually the former of which that usually won't have serious repercussions on your experience in the RP.

It is only when these mistakes are repeated and constant that it becomes an issue and that it becomes a matter that must be taken into my hands. At that point, despite what people have done to help these trouble-makers, they don't take it into their own hands to apply what they learn to become better. If they can't do that to make RP enjoyable for themselves and others, then they have no place here. These punishments could range from future supervision of a mod to prevent further incidents up to being exiled from the roleplay depending upon the severity of these repeated incidents or acts of insubordination.


In London Ghoul, we have an attribute system which dictates your character's inherent ability be it ghoul or investigator. These stats each reflect a different aspect of your character's capabilities, all of which are explained below.

  • Strength. This represents your character's physical strength.
  • Speed. This represents how physically fast your character can move.
  • Durability. This represents your character's sturdiness or how well they can stand against attacks.
  • Stamina. This represents your character's ability to sustain themselves from prolonged physical activity.
  • Intelligence. This represents your character's potential intellect and the knowledge they hold.
  • Perception. This represents your character's ability to percieve the world around you, being able to pick out things that your fellow friends or peers may not be able to see or pick out themselves.
  • RC Factor (ghouls only). This represents your character's RC level which also determines the power and ability of all ghoul traits, including regenerative power, kagune; etc.

All of these attributes are set in place in a small table with each being able to go from 1 point to 5 points in whole numbers. Ghouls may have up to 20 points and investigators may have up to 17 points to allocate into their attributes table. These attribute levels will reflect their ability respective to their ranking, I.E C-rank ghouls or Rank 2 investigators. So if you have a 5 in strength it does not mean you are the strongest ghoul/investigator around but instead only the strongest among C-rank or Rank 2 investigators. Once your bio is approved these precedents are set in stone for your character and can only be adjusted slowly over time through achievements made IC and in turn ranking up on either side of the coin.

Ghoul LimitsEdit

Kagune types hold certain attributes or traits about them which give them weaknesses when compared to other types. This will also be reflected in their attributes, these limitations can be seen below.

  • Ukaku. Given their various and powerful offensive abilities, Ukaku types typically wear out in battle quickly when compared to other kagune types. Because of this, they can not have more than 2 points in their stamina.
  • Koukaku. With a koukaku's strength and durability, comes a great density which makes them the slowest of the kagune types. Because of this, they can not have more than 2 points in speed.
  • Rinkaku. Rinkaku are a maelstrom of offense and also boast the greatest regenerative ability. However, because of this the binding property of their kagune is also the weakest. Because of this, they can not have more than 2 points in durability.
  • Bikaku. Bikaku are the most balanced and well-rounded of kagune, because of this they do not have any particular strengths or respective weaknesses.


  1. May be circumstantially allowed in light of the failures of another roleplayer in fights, as is standard.

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