Ghoul Application
This is where you can put your IMVU username.
Basic Information
GenderMale, female; etc.
BirthdayI.E, August the 13th or 8/13.
AgeHow many years old your OC is.
StatusOptional: If your character is an NPC or deceased.
HeightHow tall your OC is (by feet and inches).
WeightHow much your OC weighs. (by pounds).
Personal Information
OccupationOptional: What your character may do for a job on a day-to-day basis.
AffiliationOptional: If your character is affiliated with a group, label it here.
Ghoul Information
RC TypeKagune type, I.E: Ukaku, Koukaku; etc.
RatingYour ghoul's level as designated from the CCG. All starting characters are C level.
AliasOptional: The alias of your ghoul by the CCG.
ClassificationOptional: In the event your character has some form of a kakuja, you can label it here.
Optional: Here you can put down members of your character's family.

(Please provide a brief overview here of your OC.)

Background InformationEdit

(This is where you will provide a history of your character from their past up to the present moment of RP.)

Personality & BehaviorEdit

(This is where you may include the personality of your character and how they generally are. May also include specific trait characteristics of them, such are: Poses taken when lying, ethical views; etc.)


(This is where you may provide a description of your character, primarily reserved for their base being and perhaps certain traits and qualities that make them appear odd. May also include what your character may wear commonly, if you wish.)


(This is where you'll keep detailed information on your kagune, including how large or what shape it takes. Bear in mind that you're starting off fresh from the streets, so you probably have regular or mediocre kagune when in comparison to canon characters such as Ken Kaneki or Shuu Tsukiyama.)


(Your character's attributes, as well as mentions of any notable feats they may have performed.)

Strength Speed Stamina RC Factor Perception Intelligence Total
- - - - - - -

Role-play LibraryEdit




Approved byEdit

(Here an admin or mod of the site will put down their signature to show your profile is complete or finished.)

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