The CCG Crime System, an essential piece of the RP which will help create natural interactions with your character's world. Of course, these types of interactions happen through more violent encounters rather than through that of something more expensive such are NPC experiences and such things. This is done through investigators (CCG) of both types and their given presence within the districts of England. This type of thing will be provided through "awareness" of either half of conflict within one district which will in turn determine the quantity and quality of doves from one district to the next.


Infestations are a general term used to describe the amount of conflicts within a district. These infestations rates are rated upon class, with each rate generally falling within one class or the next. These classes help determine both the amount of ghoul activity, along with how many and of what classes of the CCG will be present in that area which usually is equal with ghoul activity making them one and the same.

Class 5Edit

Class 5 - A Class 5 infestation is actually a neutral infestation, determining that there is either:

  1. No current ghoul activity (passive or simply not present).
  2. Lack of information (due to other CCG division territory or non-registered information.)

Because of this, Class 5 infestations are generally very rare and unlikely to be seen unless the map shows extra territory which would be in the territory of another CCG division which is more so normal than the former of the two explanations.

Class 4Edit

Class 4 - A Class 4 infestation is the lowest type of actual infestation, and is perhaps more common in how England was for a time being (within the past few years) until recently where ghoul activity has suddenly gone on the rise. This infestation rate usually comes in around with 1%-25% infestation which is clarified in comparison to the likes of regular crimes.

Because of the fact Class 4 infestations are so low, encounters between targeted ghouls and investigators is much more unlikely to pick a fight with a ghoul investigator and more likely to come across bureau investigators who are simply keeping the peace in the area (this does not mean it's impossible for pairs of ghoul investigators to be found within Class 4 districts, of course these types of things are much more rare).

Class 3Edit

Class 3 - A Class 3 infestation is perhaps one of the most common infestation classes of all, most common at least beside a Class 4. This infestation rate clocks in around at a 26%-50% whereas the district in question has become more infested with ghoul activity (whereas it's now a common problem within the area).

It is around this turning point of a district that you begin to see more higher-level ghoul investigators coming in which may pose higher-threats to lower-level ghouls which could have otherwise easily stood up against the common sight of a Rank 2 investigator (this being common in Class 4 infestations). In example, though not as often found as lower-rank duos: You will most likely find duos of Rank 1 and First-Class investigators (I.E: Amon and Mado in the early series).

Class 2Edit

Class 2 - A Class 2 infestation is much more common, and like all further infestations: It's most often caused unnaturally. Usually, these types of infestations are called whenever ghoul investigators are killed on the job (in relations to actual ghouls) and/or a highly rated ghoul is confirmed within the district (I.E: around SS-rank ghoul confirmation). These infestation types are often held in wide regard and call for immediate change upon confirmation of a ghoul-related incident (like the killing of a notable investigator) or a dangerous ghoul being confirmed. These types of infestation usually are called in around at a 51%-75% infestation rate.

Class 1Edit

Class 1 - A Class 1 infestation is to be best described the most undesirable of all infestation rates. This is of course because of the danger presented in such infestations. Thankfully, these types of infestations are rare within England and are most often presented through means other than infestation. These type of represntations can be done through high-level missions (I.E: The 11th Ward Battle). This often represents a large amount of investigators, and can sometimes even call for the reverse. Though it has not happened yet, a Class 1 infestation could also represent a Ghoul riot or insurrection given someone was to have that kind of power.

These infestations generally range in around at a 76%-100% infestation rate which as said before can be quite the predicament. These often call for the highest of the highest of ghoul investigators, including complete squads of special investigators. These wards can often present great danger for low-level ghouls but most often with the situations presented the danger is nullified to a given extent or at least on equal terms for other parties involved.

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